Earlier this week, I was tasked to add a feature that sent out notifications when a certain task didn’t check in from a third-party API. I had to come up with a background job that did this heavy lifting in intervals to keep the users informed of certain failures in certain transactions. This is how I solved this challenge and I hope my approach helps you implement your own solution.

: This tutorial is based on a fictional scenario that you could easily learn from and implement in your own project. …

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are a very important aspect of React or React Native as they determine the characteristics of a Component. These need to be present for the Component to work as expected.For instance

<Input value={add_something} />

  • The prop value must be present for the Input field to work as expected.

You can read more about the props over at the react docs https://reactjs.org/docs/components-and-props.html.

Since components work in a network, they always share properties with each other for instance, a button inside a form may take on the backgroundColor similar to that of the parent or padding so it becomes crucial to…

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Just the other week, I was faced with a challenge to implement social auth using Omniauth. It seems to me, it wasn't well optimized for APIs and this could cause you some good headache. Here’s a little demonstration of how you could approach it.

The first challenge is always figuring the data flow to login someone here it goes;

  • In React you invoke a request by clicking a button which fires off a request to the provider (Facebook or Google or whatever). This is usually where you have attached a client ID to the request.
  • The client returns you a…

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I on joining the Andela deferral program had expectations in mind of both what was expected of me and what I expected of myself. Well, diving right in, I always expected:

  • To improve my skills in javascript since in the previous challenge I had struggled a great deal.
  • To be able to work more with image uploads and larger files since in Flask they made a mess of me hence a hard time in the front end.
  • To Improve my saving and retrieving of data in Postgres with more routes to carry out specified tasks for easy execution in the…

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In software development, working in teams is inevitable for big and complex applications for various reasons. These range from the fact that it would take ages for one to handle on their own to the fact that it would have a lot of bugs. So working in teams helps regulate these shortfalls.

The biggest advantage for the developers is that their code improves through both seniors’ and peers’ review of the code. One can never get away with doing mediocre work this way.

At Andela, during the deferral program, I am a member of team Acqua where as we worked…

As a programmer what yields more stress than broken code is most definitely failure to deliver assigned tasks to the client. This doesn't mean one has failed to finish up the task, rather finish up in the designed time. This in the worst case scenario would be losing the client or being sued by the client for losing so much money in the time you failed to deliver a task.

Well, having given a brief insight into its causes, I have an experience of my own concerning the issue to share. While I was in the deferral program’s initial stages…

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You’d think that writing code that solves problems as described by users gets a developer the golden badge. This is not always the case because for some reason most of these product owners don't even know what they don't know, so they ask what they think is top notch.

Now, as it is a desire for a developer to raise revenue inflow for their business, this is best done by making sure products satisfy customers to the fullest hence recommendations, more business and also building that five-star reputation in order to charge ridiculously high prices for creating products.

Well, for…

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It sure does sound like a world-class feature in programming should be something the world has never seen. I, on the other hand, interpret in a way that the feature should, by all means, cater for all possible scenarios and focus on making using the application very user friendly as much as it can.

Well on my current project I have so far worked on three different features but though I think they’re all world-class based on the criticism they go through to be marked finished on the Project Tracker, I will fill you in on only one.

This being…

In a developer’ world, bugs seem to try their level best to trump over it in any way they can. These make life harder and a matter of fact make getting a spec of sleep at night more challenging than it actually should be.

I personally encounter bugs during the development of features. I usually keep this in mind before starting to code so I really don't freak out if I saw a status code 422 or any other error code for that matter. …

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The most important tool the team at one point may possess is having the ability to communicate clearly. This can be very useful in terms of ascertaining progress, knowing the blockers at hand and the finished tasks.

At Aqua as a team member, I have been able to reach out to my teammates and they to me using one of the many tools used in production called slack. Using this tool, the team is able to post standups of their progress, blockers, code snippets and also get alerted on any updates on the group Repository on Github.

I, for instance…

I am a React, React Native & Rails developer. I love designing user interfaces. I also write music outside when I am not working. Website: bit.ly/nicksbro

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